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Chapter 1: Sell for More Money

With ten easy tips, you could drastically help increase the value of your home. Chances are you probably have started searching for a new home in your area or even walked through a couple of Open Houses. Now is the time to focus on investing a little time and money getting your own home prepared for sale on the open real estate market. This stage is critical in having the guidance of a professional Realtor.

Chapter 1 Topics:
• Price Below Market Value
• Brighten Up The Rooms
• Clean Out The Closets
• Paint The Front Door
• Enhance The Landscaping
• Stain Deck & Driveway
• Paint Walls Neutral Color
• Kitchen Improvements


Chapter 2: Steps to Selling Your Home

You should start preparing with your Realtor on when it’ll be the best time to sell your home. Selling your home is a far more difficult task than buying your home. It involves more responsibilities and expenses. This chapter contains some of the main steps you should be considering when selling your home.

Chapter 2 Topics:
• Start Preparing Your Home For Sale
• Finding A Professional & Qualified Realtor
• Do Your Paperwork
• Your Home Price


Chapter 3: Questions to Ask Before Selling

Selling your house requires considerations of various factors and requires a lot of planning as it is a major emotional and financial task. This chapter contains the four basic questions which must be considered before you plan to put your home on the open market.

Chapter 3 Topics:
• What Is The Net Value Of My Home?
• How Can I Receive The Maximum Price Possible?
• For What Duration Will My House Be On The Market?
• How Can An Agent Help Me?


Chapter 4: Increasing Your Home's Appeal

Do remember and keep in mind the rule of 60 seconds: That’s the total available time for you in terms of creating a first winning impression in the eyes of your buyer. Following are significant ways and some tips which may prove useful to you in terms of maximizing and enhancing your house’s appeal.

Chapter 4 Topics:
• Exterior Look
• Interior Look
• Special Details For Display


Chapter 5: Understanding the Buyer

The sale of your home can be controlled by three factors: your home condition, its marketing strategy and its asking price. It’s vital to observe a buyers influence by many other factors and one must recognize those patron developments when placing your home on the market.

Chapter 5 Topics:
• Home Size
• Location
• Comfort & Amenities


Chapter 6: Best Time to Sell

If you’re thinking of moving out of your home and searching for a better home for your family, you need to understand the best time of year when to sell your home. The decision to decide on the best home-selling time is the critical one and one should ensure and keep in mind all the economic and environmental obstacles which affect your decision.

Chapter 6 Topics:
• Selling Time Gone Wrong
• Best Season For Selling
• Best Day For Selling
• Best Time To Sell A House For More Money
• Best Time To Sell A House Fast
• Photography

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