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2023 Weston Florida Short-Term Rental Market Forecast

Weston, Florida, is one of the top five states with the highest population growth in recent years and offers residents year-round sunshine and first-class beaches. Florida living promises zero income taxes for residents and other tax benefits for retirees. Weston is a city within the Miami metropolitan area, with sprawling residential neighborhoods and manicured public spaces. Weston has everything you could need for those who want to be near the glamor of downtown Miami but remain in a residential haven.
The housing market forecast looks promising for those hoping to make a real estate purchase in the new year. While sellers have the upper hand, buyers are continuing to face climbing interest rates. The Weston, Florida, real estate market is an exclusive one for investors looking for rental profits. There are many reasons why Weston could have a great year in real estate transitions, with the neighborhood maintaining its quality and the state encouraging people to relocate.

Great for investment properties

With the influx of people moving to the state, investing in Weston to either flip or rent continues to be a profitable venture. The upcoming year looks more promising for buyers since sellers are no longer in a position where they can name their demands. Renovating a home in the Weston area can be very lucrative, offering a high return on investment. Moving into 2023, we might see people take advantage of the stable housing market through property investments.
With most Weston residents being homeowners, renovating a home to sell at this point could be a lucrative venture as prospective buyers are searching for the perfect property. Overall, an investment in Weston has been and will continue to be in the coming year, an elite real estate purchase for those looking to invest.

Interest rates tipping the scale

Over the last several months, we have seen a steady rise in interest rates after the dip that we saw at the beginning of 2022. While we might not see rates that good again, some leveling out should occur in the coming months. While everyone was trying to make their purchase in late 2021 and into the new year, the market has slowed recently due to the rates rising and the lack of merchandise on the market after the buying frenzy.
Following the real estate market as a homeowner or an investor can help you know when to buy and sell your property to maximize your returns. Financing a home purchase is a considerable responsibility, and you should only make a move when you feel that the time is right, both with your personal finances and the market as a whole. Discussing current market trends with a financial advisor or an industry expert can help you feel confident when you go to make a purchase.

The perks of living in Florida

Investing in Weston will continue to be a strong choice due to Florida’s tax benefits for residents. Residential neighborhoods just outside the most popular city in the state are in a prime location, Weston being less than 40 minutes away from Downtown Miami. There is no state income tax for residents, contributing to a more affordable cost of living compared to New York or California. For those who are retired, there are no taxes on income from a pension, 401K, or IRA, meaning your savings can be stretched to their limits while you relax in a tropical paradise.
With so many incentives to live in Florida, 2023 should see similar trends as years prior, with a continued rise in population. Florida also offers sun, sand, and outdoor activities such as biking or paddle boarding all around you, which could save you money in the long run on expensive tropical vacations when you are a short drive away from a staycation. When people consider their options as they decide to move to Florida, they often find that Weston is a strong contender when you are in the market for cozy neighborhoods near premier beaches. Weston is also home to a thriving yoga community and offers residents plenty of opportunities to give back, including participating in trash and beach cleanup.

Life in Weston

The new year often makes people think about resolutions and how they can improve moving forward. Reflecting on Weston, you will find that the neighborhoods are well-maintained, and the many local events have led to there being a tight-knit community of residents. If you are considering selling your property, this is still a seller’s market, where the demand for homes is often outweighing the supply. You might be surprised at the appraised value of your home in today’s market.
Considering the excellent Weston, Florida schools will continue to bring in families looking to live outside of the city and still provide their children with a top-tier education. There are great restaurants and picturesque community spaces that will attract those moving to Florida in the coming year. Weston has seen growth in the past year, and with its consistent quality of life for residents, it will likely see similar trends in the coming year.

Do you have representation?

While the economy will always change, working with a professional who has seen the ebb and flow of the housing market should make the transaction a smooth process. When you buy or sell property, you should work with someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the sale without any headaches. Your agent should be a problem-solver who proactively works to complete your deal.
Sandra Valenzuela has lived in Weston for 25 years, 15 of which have been working in real estate. During that time, she has served as a member of the board and an active community member. This has made her well-versed in the city, and it has given her great connections, a knowledge of how to help her clients find the perfect property for them, and a long list of resources to offer, such as well-established connections with banks.
From the sprawling estates in Weston to the gorgeous houses for sale in Key Biscayne, Sandra will help you buy or sell in the South Florida area. She has local knowledge and the professional savvy to help with your current transaction and remain a strong connection within the community during and after your relocation.
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More than 15 years of experience working in the South Florida Real Estate market has made Sandra specialized in the area, allowing her to proactively anticipate the needs and requests of buyers, sellers, and investors.

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