Includes All Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: First-Time Home Buyer Steps
  • Chapter 2: The Right Steps To Buy A Home
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Home Wish List
  • Chapter 4: Location, Location. Location
  • Chapter 5: New Home Construction
  • Chapter 6: Before Visiting Properties

Chapter 3: Creating Your Wish List

Before searching for your home, the real estate agent wants you to
describe all your desires and features you want in your home. In
order to help the agent, it is important that you must analyse what
you want, what you feel and what you desire in your dream home.

Chapter 3 Topics:

  • Why Budgeting Is Important
  • Choosing The Home Style That Fits You
  • Identifying Bathroom & Bedroom Numbers
  • Selecting Well-Matched Neighborhoods
  • Wish List Items For Your Dream House