Includes All Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: How To Sell For More Money
  • Chapter 2: Steps To Selling Your Home
  • Chapter 3: Questions To Ask Before Selling
  • Chapter 4: Increasing Your Home’s Appeal
  • Chapter 5: Understanding The Buyer
  • Chapter 6: What’s The Best Time To Sell?

Chapter 3: Questions To Ask Before Selling

Selling your house requires considerations of various factors and requires a lot of planning as it is a major emotional and financial task. This chapter contains the four basic questions which must be considered before you plan to put your home on the open market.

Chapter 3 Topics:

  • What Is The Net Value Of My Home?
  • How Can I Receive The Maximum Price Possible?
  • For What Duration Will My House Be On The Market?
  • How Can An Agent Help Me?