Includes All Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: First-Time Home Buyer Steps
  • Chapter 2: The Right Steps To Buy A Home
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Home Wish List
  • Chapter 4: Location, Location. Location
  • Chapter 5: New Home Construction
  • Chapter 6: Before Visiting Properties

Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location

Your lifestyle is dependent on where you live. It determines your living and reveals your future and the present value of your home. Prior to identifying the location specifications will allow your agent to conduct a thorough home search that fit your needs and preferences. We have made you a checklist which will help you to communicate your preferred requirements to your agent.

Chapter 4 Topics:

  • Commute Time
  • Rural, Urban or Suburban
  • Desirable Neighborhoods
  • Access to Public Transport
  • Access to Shopping Areas
  • Parks, Retail & Restaurants
  • Access to Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Timeline to Live In Your Home