Includes All Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: First-Time Home Buyer Steps
  • Chapter 2: The Right Steps To Buy A Home
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Home Wish List
  • Chapter 4: Location, Location. Location
  • Chapter 5: New Home Construction
  • Chapter 6: Before Visiting Properties

Chapter 5: New Home Construction

Another decision to make is related to the purchase of an existing home or to go for constructing a new one. For the second option, the real estate agent must be able to have a full grasp on estate knowledge to help you with the move-in date, negotiate upgrades and other terms and conditions. In this chapter, we provide a list of some basic items you need to consider while opting a new home construction.

Chapter 5 Topics:

  • Selection of the Builder
  • Real Estate Agent & Your Builder Representative
  • Timing Is Crucial
  • Think Before You Sign Up