Includes All Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: First-Time Home Buyer Steps
  • Chapter 2: The Right Steps To Buy A Home
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Home Wish List
  • Chapter 4: Location, Location. Location
  • Chapter 5: New Home Construction
  • Chapter 6: Before Visiting Properties

Chapter 6: Before Visiting Properties

The majority of first-time buyers are not aware of their first major mistake which is to set the budge filter without exactly knowing about their affordability. Hence from there, it may waste days even months in terms of following something not acquirable. And trust me, you cannot un-see better and superior properties on the basis of your budget which most of the times leaves the majority of the homebuyers disappointed in terms of moving back. Hence, you must go through the following guide in terms of getting knowledge about how to start the search.

Chapter 6 Topics:

  • Pre-Approval Letter
  • Location Settlement
  • Contact Me As Your Realtor
  • Knowing About Your Timeline